Highlights the impact of Diversity for a business. Diversity with your employees, vendors and customers can strengthen your business

The Importance of Diversity

Now more than ever we realize the importance of diversity for our businesses. Diversity and real inclusion can bring more ideas, drive up competition and increase the bottom line for a business. As we struggle through the economic issues brought on by the pandemic, it is clear that as individuals and as businesses, we need to pull together and lift each other up. We are stronger together.

In a recent blog post on LinkedIn discussing a move to de-fund diversity training, Dayton diversity educator, Dr. Karen Townsend says “It is in sharing our diversity that we make connections. It allows us to find common ground. We are given opportunities to learn about those around us and we when do, our collective gifts and talents become known. Which in turn makes us stronger”. Read more of what Dr. Karen says here.

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